Surveillance Capitalism Will Continue til Morale Improves

Surveillance Capitalism Will Continue til Morale Improves – J0n J4rv1s


Surveillance Capitalism is a form of information monetization that aims to predict and modify human behavior as a means to produce revenue and control.

It strives to be a pervasive background collector of our cyberspace and meatspace activities, attempting to both generate and profit from data collected about our wants and needs. It’s what happens when Marketing decides to plagiarize from the NSA’s playbook.

The methods used by Surveillance Capitalism’s practitioners are intentionally becoming harder to detect, trickier to thwart, and increasingly convoluted to opt-out from. Merchandisers, content producers, and advertising networks are actively seeking and developing new technologies to collect and correlate the identities, physical movements, purchasing preferences, and online activity of all of us, their desperately desired customers.