Stop right now! Quantum-Safe Instantaneous Vehicle to Vehicle communication

Stop right now! Quantum-Safe Instantaneous Vehicle to Vehicle communication – Sarah McCarthy


According to recent estimates, a quantum computer may be built as soon as 2030. As this will render existing cryptography insecure, we require quantum-safe alternatives now. Another aspect is the development of the Internet of Things, whereby increasing numbers of devices are being connected to the internet. This poses further challenges as not only is the new crypto more computationally intensive, but these devices are becoming smaller in terms of area and power capacity. This talk will present a form of quantum-based cryptography which is suitable for constrained devices, and will demonstrate in real-time an efficient implementation of such a scheme for a relevant use-case.


Sarah McCarthy is a researcher at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), where she has been based for 5 years. She specialises in post-quantum lattice-based cryptography, has made contributions to the EU-funded H2020 SAFEcrypto project and is involved in the ETSI Standards Quantum Safe Cryptography (QSC) Working Group. She has recently given invited talks at the 2018 ETSI QSC Workshop and 2019 International Cryptographic Module Conference. Sarah graduated from QUB with a Masters of Science in Mathematics and is currently completing her PhD in Computer Science there.