Operational Security Lessons From The Dark Web

Operational Security Lessons From The Dark Web – Shea Nangle


The past 5 years have seen a number of arrests and a number of convictions of parties engaged in criminal activities on the Dark Web. From Dread Pirate Roberts to French Maid, Willy Clock to Shiny Flakes, and others, we will explore operational security failures made that led to their arrests, and in some cases, convictions.

Why look at this? There are lessons to be learned from these cases even if you aren’t in a position to be accused of running a multinational drug distribution ring. Whether you concerned with surveillance and/or reprisals from hostile nation-states or are simply wanting to better guard your privacy, we can all learn from these cases.

Attendees will leave this session with concrete tactical recommendations for increasing the operational security of their online lives and protecting their privacy.