Implementing a Library for Pairing-based Transform Cryptography

Implementing a Library for Pairing-based Transform Cryptography – Bob Wall, Colt Frederickson


We will present background on transform cryptography, also known as proxy re-encryption, We start with an overview of elliptic curves over finite fields and pairings using bilinear maps and discuss how they can be used to implement cryptographic primitives. We next describe the idea of transform cryptography and enumerate desirable properties of transform cryptography schemes, then examine in more detail a specific multi-hop transform encryption scheme.

We will then describe how we implemented a library to provide the primitives required for that multi-hop transform encryption scheme. Finally, we discuss the security implications of recent advances in evaluating discrete logarithms using the special number field sieve, and why that led us to increase the key length of the scheme from 256 bits to 480 bits.


Bob: Co-founder & CTO of IronCore Labs, a startup focused on building products to help app developers build strong security into their offerings.

Colt: Senior software engineer at IronCore Labs. Functional programming guru with a strong background in big data.