Green Locks for You and Me

Green Locks for You and Me – Wendy Knox Everette


How do you give your personal domain a green “Secure” lock? Can you prevent your domain from being used for spam and phishing emails?

This talk is a little different from most “crypto” talks – it’s not about how some neat new encryption algorithm works, or writing code. Instead, it’s about how to use the awesome crypto tools already available to make your online presence more secure. This talk came out of my frustration with tutorials online for setting up my personal website domain with TLS and my email domain with DMARC/DKIM/SPF. We’ll walk through how to use free services to serve a website over TLS and how to configure a personal email domain to block it from being used to send spam and phishing emails.


Wendy Knox Everette (@wendyck) is a hacker lawyer who began her career as a software developer, before going to law school, where she focused on national security law and computer security issues. Currently she lives in Washington State where she advises companies on risk and security regulations. She created and hosted the first student webserver to host personal homepages at her undergrad in 1995, and registered her personal domain in 2000, but only recently got it moved to TLS.