Fighting non consensual pornography the BADASS way

Fighting non consensual pornography the BADASS way – Katelyn Bowden


Is this where I put an outline of my talk? Intro to myself and BADASS- brief explanation of how we started, and what we’ve done thus far. Dive into the various ways and platforms images are shared, and the affect it has on the victims. Discuss the methodology of how the pictures are acquired- through consensual private sharing, hacking, hidden cameras, etc Methods to combat private images being shared- storage solutions, steganography, etc. How to prevent NCP as a whole- hashed image filters, and privacy laws I can give presentations on this stuff to fit any time format- whatever you guys have to work with, I can work with!


Katelyn is the founder and CEO of BADASS- a nonprofit dedicated to fighting image based abuse online. Since starting the organization in 2017, BADASS has helped thousands victims of Non Consensual Pornography remove their photos and protect themselves, worked with platforms to prevent private images from being uploaded, and assisted in getting several statewide revenge porn laws put into place.