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Irwin Reyes, Amit Elazari Bar On “Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?” Examining COPPA Compliance at Scale
Jeff Kosseff Hamilton’s Private Key: American Exceptionalism and the Right to Anonymity
Tess Schrodinger Cryptography, Codes, and Secret Writing: An Introduction to Secret Communications
Mahrud Sayrafi Opportunistic Onion: More Protection Some of the Time
Brendan O’Connor “Probably”: an Irreverent Overview of the GDPR
Matt Urquhart Hiding in plain sight: Disguising HTTPS traffic with domain-fronting
Nox Cicada: What the Puzzles Can Teach Us About Cryptography and Privacy
Dr Adam Everspaugh Revolutionizing Authentication with Oblivious Cryptography
Adam Caudill, Taylor Hornby Announcing the Underhanded Crypto Contest Winners
Marie Fromm Cloud Encryption: How to not suck at securing your encryption keys
Wendy Knox Everette Green Locks for You and Me
Scott Arciszewski No Way JOSE! Designing Cryptography Features for Mere Mortals
Caroline D. Hardin, Jen Dalsen Sluts, Bullies, and Best Selves: Rethinking Digital Privacy Education
Lei Shi, Allen Cai Building a Cryptographic Backdoor in OpenSSL
Yueting Lee CATs – A Tale of Scalable Authentication
Pigeon Jailed by a Google Search: the Surveillance State’s War on Self-induced Abortion
Guy Barnhart-Magen, Ezra Caltum JARVIS never saw it coming: Hacking machine learning (ML) in speech, text and face recognition – and frankly, everywhere else
Alex Catarineu, Konark Modi Anonymous rate-limiting in services with Direct Anonymous Attestation
Matt Cheung Prototyping Cryptographic Protocols With Charm
Roger Dingledine Ask Me Anything about Tor: AMA with Roger Dingledine
Nicholas Doiron Geolocation and Homomorphic Encryption
Sherrie Cowley, Dennis Taggart Two-Steps to Owning MFA
Bob Wall, Colt Frederickson Implementing a Library for Pairing-based Transform Cryptography
Christian Paquin Integrating post-quantum crypto into real-life applications