Crypto & Privacy Village title



Crypto & Privacy Village Track (Bronze 3)
Time Friday (8/7) Saturday (8/8) Sunday (8/9)
10:00 "DNS and the Future of Authenticity" - indolering "Should we trust crypto frameworks? A story about CVE-2015-2141" - Anton Karpov
10:30 "Getting In to the Trust Store we Trust" - Ajit Hatti "Where are the privacy-preserving services for the masses?" - Hadi Asghari
11:00 "Using Privacy and Crypto Tools" - Edmond Rogers (bigezy) & Shane Rogers (bust3r) "Skip, Freak, and Logjam: Moving past a legacy of weakness in TLS" - Karthikeyan Bhargavan
11:30 "Peerio: Productivity with end-to-end encryption" - Nadim Kobeissi
12:00 Keynote: Crypto & Privacy Village "What is Bitcoin Tumbling and why do it?" - Sean Thomas Jones
12:30 Keynote: Underhanded Crypto Contest - Adam Caudill & Taylor Hornby "The design and implementation of a white-listed, end to end encrypted status application" - David Dahl
13:00 "Life of PII: A Day in the Life of Your Personally Identifiable Information" - Alisha Kloc "Death of Privacy" - Stealth
14:00 "Opening Backdoors: The Importance of Backdoor Research" - Adam Caudill "CrypTag: Building Encrypted, Taggable, Searchable Zero-knowledge Systems" - Steven Phillips
14:30 "How to Engineer a Cryptographic 'Front Door'" - Karl Koscher "Making Email Dark" - Ladar Levison & Fred Nixon
15:00 "Let's Talk about Let's Encrypt" - Bill Budington "STD's are the least of your worries when Cyber Cancer Prognosis is imminent" - Chris Brown (BigBiz)
16:00 "Machine Learning and Manipulation" - Jennifer Helsby (redshiftzero) "Protecting global email - status & the road ahead" - Per Thorsheim
16:30 "Beginner Crypto for Application Developers" - Justin Engler "Engineering Responsible Data Governance - A Privacy by Design Primer" - Steven F. Fox
17:00 "Breaking RSA - new cryptography for a post-quantum world" - Jennifer Katherine Fernick Underhanded Crypto Contest Wrapup - Adam Caudill & Taylor Hornby
17:30 OPEN MIC/Key Signing Party OPEN MIC/Key Signing Party
18:15-19:00 Party Time! (aka Closing Time) Party Time! (aka Closing Time)
Workshop (Bronze 3)
Time Friday (8/7) Saturday (8/8) Sunday (8/9)
11:00 "How Do I Tails? A Beginner's Guide to Anonymous Computing" - Forrest (Forbo)
Village Track (Bronze 4)
Time Friday (8/7) Saturday (8/8) Sunday (8/9)
11:00 "Modern Crypto: 15 Years of Advancement in Cryptography" - Steve Weis "Breaking CBC, or Randomness Never Was Happiness" - Dr. Albert H. Carlson (ECCSmith) & Patrick Doherty
13:00 "Hacking Quantum Cryptography" - Marina (bt3)`
16:00 "CFSSL: the evolution of a PKI toolkit" - Nick Sullivan
16:30 "IMSI Catcher Counter-Surveillance" - Freddy Martinez
18:00 "Teaching Privacy Using Red Team Strategies: An Undergraduate General Education Curriculum" - Robert Olson (nerdprof)